Commitment to Excellence

At Inox, we realize the necessity of complete documentation detailing each project and understand our responsibility in maintaining accurate records to prove product integrity throughout the manufacturing process. Every member of our staff is aware of the role they have in preserving precise and verifiable documentation.

Our Quality System, Manual and Procedures are designed to meet the requirements for ASME Section VIII, ‘U’ and National Board ‘R’ Stamp Holders. Our Procedures also meet Standard Pharmaceutical GMP. Our System is constantly evolving to meet the growing needs of our customers and increasing diversities of our Products.

Quality Control

  • FAT ( Factory Acceptance Test)
  • GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)
  • Complete Documentation for Validation (Standard or Custom per Clients Requirements)
  • Weld Procedures (WPS)
  • Weld Maps & Logs
  • Dye Penetrant and X-Ray Log
  • Passivation Procedure/Certification
  • Electropolishing Procedure/Certification
  • Saline Procedure/Report
  • Hydrostatic Testing Procedure/Report
  • CIP (Riboflavin) Procedure/Report
  • Surface Finish Test/ Map/Certification
  • Code Data Reports
  • Mill Test Reports (MTR), Certificates of Compliance, Material Log
  • Required Calculations (pressure, temperature, seismic, wind load)
  • Component catalog cut sheets, spare parts list, operation and maintenance manuals
  • Positive Material Identification
  • Ultrasonic Welding Integrity Tests

INOX IND. Inc. is proud of being the Designer and Manufacturer of the following Stainless Steel equipment: 
•Automation Equip.
•Air Separators
•Bio-Process Equip.
•Blending Equipment
•Blending Reactors
•Breweries Equipment
•Custom Design Equip.
•Dairy Equipment
•Distillation Columns
•Distribution Manifolds
•Fermentation Vessels
•Filter Housings
•Filtration System & Equip.
•Food Industries Equip.
•Heat Exchangers
•Pharm-Process Equip.
•Pressure Vessels
•Portable Paint Tank
•Paint Mix Tanks.
•Process System & Equip.
•Hi-flow Basket Strainer
•Surge Tanks
•Transportable Totes
•Water Filtration Sys.
•B31.1 Power Piping
•B31.3 Process Piping


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