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INOX IND. Inc. is proud of being the Designer and Manufacturer of the following Stainless Steel equipment: 
•Automation Equip.
•Air Separators
•Bio-Process Equip.
•Blending Equipment
•Blending Reactors
•Breweries Equipment
•Custom Design Equip.
•Dairy Equipment
•Distillation Columns
•Distribution Manifolds
•Fermentation Vessels
•Filter Housings
•Filtration System & Equip.
•Food Industries Equip.
•Heat Exchangers
•Pharm-Process Equip.
•Pressure Vessels
•Portable Paint Tank
•Paint Mix Tanks.
•Process System & Equip.
•Hi-flow Basket Strainer
•Surge Tanks
•Transportable Totes
•Water Filtration Sys.
•B31.1 Power Piping
•B31.3 Process Piping


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